Kto poślubił Wachtang VI'ego?

Rusudan of Circassia ożenił się z Wachtang VI .

Wachtang VI

Wachtang VI

Wachtang VI (ur. 15 września 1675, zm. 26 marca 1737 w Astrachaniu) – król Kartlii w latach 1711-1715 i ponownie od 1719 do 1724.

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Rusudan of Circassia

Nie znaleziono opisu w polski, mamy tylko opis w język angielski:

Rusudan (Georgian: რუსუდანი; died 30 December 1740) was a daughter of a Circassian noble and a wife of Vakhtang VI, Hoseyn-Goli Khan, who ruled the Georgian kingdom of Kartli as a regent from 1703 to 1712 and a king (or a vali from the Iranian perspective) from 1716 to 1724. She followed her husband in his exile to the Russian Empire, where she lived for the rest of her life.